Empath Empowerment

Do you feel emotionally drained when you spend time with certain people?  Do you feel anxiety in  large crowds?  Can you tell when someone is not being truthful?  Do you feel the emotions of others as if it is happening to you?  Do others usually turn to you for advice? Are you sensitive to television shows, movies and the news?  Do you experience an inner sense of knowing?  If you answered, yes to these questions, chances are, you are an empath.

Empaths make up to 15% to 20% of the population.  They are highly sensitive individuals and are deeply attuned to the emotions and energies of others.  They easily take on the emotions of others as their own. This can be a challenge and become overwhelming when they end up absorbing the pain and stress of others.  Being an empath can make you feel exhausted, even physically ill or depressed.  Empaths often break into tears, even in public places.  Many are introverted and find it difficult in situations outside the home.  Empaths often struggle because there is so little downtime to rest their overstimulated nervous system.

Join Healer and Psychic Tarot Reader Sheila Makins for a monthly Empath Empowerment group.  Sheila will help you understand your gifts and how to better cope with the side effects.  Sheila will share survival tips to keep you grounded, when it seems like your personal world is continually invaded by the energy and feelings of those around you.  Because of an empath’s giving nature, self care is extremely important to prevent the outer universe from harming your inner universe. Sheila will help you with energy cord cutting, protection and finding balance. Each month Sheila will focus on different themes such as crystals to assist empaths, nutrition, Reiki healing and guided meditation.

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Jul 18 2020


11:00 am - 12:30 pm


The Zen Shop


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