The Witch’s Circle Outdoor Full Moon Ritual

Meet High Priestess Karyn Williams, under the dark of night, surrounded by candlelight and fire. Under the light of the full moon, we will cast our circle at a secret outdoor location.

You will learn how to formally cast and protect a circle with quarter calls, using specific tools. The evening will include drumming (bring yours if you have one), chants, spellwork (yours to take home), a burning bowl and an authentic bread breaking ritual (light snacks and refreshments).

Also referred to as Drawing Down The Goddess, Drawing Down The Moon is one of the most sacred Wiccan rites. Drawing Down The Moon is a direct invocation of The Goddess by only a High Priestess. With the support of our circle, (and weather permitting) Karyn will open herself up as a vessel for The Goddess. The Priestess will enter a trance like state when the goddess enters her body. The Goddess speaks through the Priestess’ mouth, often delivering blessings and divination.

Our full moon rituals are the easiest way to get a glimpse into what transpires in a traditional coven meeting without the commitment. Our circles are always open to all. Pull up a broom and join us!

Sunday August 2nd, 2020:
8:30pm – 10:30pm
*please bring a chair
$40 + hst = $45.20

Registration is now open
Due to popularity of these events and social distancing, space is limited
*first come, first serve

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Aug 02 2020




Secret Outdoor Location
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