Ancient Magick of Trees


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The Ancient Magick of Trees: Identify & Use Trees in Your Spiritual & Magickal Practice

A Comprehensive Field Guide to Over 100 Trees and Their Magickal and Medicinal Uses

This unique illustrated resource helps you identify more than one hundred common trees across North America and Europe and discover their medicinal and magickal properties. Gregory Michael Brewer provides detailed information about the mythology and symbolism of trees from around the world along with an abundance of exercises and meditations suitable for Pagans of all skill levels and traditions.

The Ancient Magick of Trees, featuring over two hundred illustrations, this book is the only one you’ll need while studying trees. Whether you’re seeking the scientific characteristics of a particular species or the folk traditions and remedies associated with it, this is a must-have guide for those who want to enhance their magickal practice and their understanding of our relationship with trees.

About the Author

Gregory Michael Brewer (Bloomington, IL) has practiced Wicca/Paganism for more than twenty-five years and has served as a board member of the Pagan Pride Project Worldwide for seven years. He has taught workshops and facilitated rituals at Pagan Spirit Gathering, Chicago Pagan Pride Day, and Central Illinois Pagan Pride Day. Additionally, he has given lectures about Paganism at Heartland Community College and Illinois State University.