Watchover Voodoo: Mother and Daughter


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Between Mother and Daughter: “Life brings many things, but the bond between Mother and Daughter is something special x”

Watchover Voodoo is a cool selection of string voodoo dolls for every personality and situation that you are likely to encounter in this ever eventful journey that is… life!  These fun keepsakes are there to give you a confidence boost, each with their own inspirational quote.  Voodoo Dolls were traditionally a good luck talisman.  Authentic dolls were made from one continuous piece of string (as are these).  The crafter then decorated the doll to manifest their desires.

Each doll is attached to a colorful 6. 5 inch backing card. The doll, hanging from the key chain, is approximately 5 inches tall. The doll is a full 3. 5 inches by itself making it the perfect size to bring some good luck with you wherever you go.